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Our core purpose is to inspire humanity through food. With a mission to inspire people to support communities who face food insecurity, and nutrition inequality. As a new-age nonprofit, we had to learn to adapt to come up with fun creative ways to connect the public to social injustices. Our pay-it-forward campaigns are examples of how we make a difference by creating new unique social campaigns that benefit both our sponsoring brands and community.

All proceeds we raise go towards our Operation Oasis program to combat the “Food Desert” crisis in South Central LA where there are very few places an individual can get fresh produce and healthy meals that are affordable. This campaign is to help raise awareness about this issue and our plans to change this paradigm by delivering fresh produce to families throughout South Central LA. Operation Oasis is scheduled to launch January 2017 with a goal to deliver 1 million pounds of free produce. 

We began Cooking Laboratory back in 2015 when we teamed up with the Downtown Women’s Center (DWC) and Food Forward to provide free bi-weekly cooking classes to the community where we cook over 150 meals from scratch that we then serve back to the women at the Downtown Women's Center. Thanks to our partners, in 2016 so far, we were able to serve over 5,000 meals to the women at the DWC!

We now need the support of our community partners more than ever as we are expanding into our second growth phase and moving into our own kitchen at the legendary Fais Do-Do where we can now have more Cooking Lab classes and events 7 days a week! Some events we have lined up are giving away free meals to families in South Central LA, senior citizens, hosting events with our Los Angeles city partners, continuing our partnership with DWC, continuing our partnership with the LA Unified School district to educate the youth about healthy eating and creating new and exciting cooking class series with our new sponsors. This year, we are also building out the fitness segment of our mission to maintaining a healthy lifestyle by providing free fitness classes with our partners that will include yoga classes to organized group hikes. We will also teach participants healthy eating habits that best accompany the different workouts and how to prepare healthy snacks.

By donating to our organization, you will also be helping us continue our programs and your support will further drive community involvement in our mission to end food equity.

Our events are filling up and there is a tremendous amount of excitement amongst local and nationally-renown chefs who are signing up to volunteer their time to teach classes or host workshops. We are quickly ramping up for 2017 season and hope that you can join our family as we continue onwards together!

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